Shower Drain: with flange for hydro insulation

Grate: ONDA

Drain Trap: DN50 (flow capacity up to 56 l/min) maintenance access from the top with a strainer to catch hairs, double chamber preventing clogging. The lowest syphon DN 50 available on the market. Patented shape.

Enclosure Height: 62mm to the flange

Sealing Membrane: included (a membrane made from watertight material, outer layer covered with fibres allows bonding of glues and/or liquid foils)

Installation Pins: included (height adjustability of the drain allows for easy installation in any flooring depth)

Material: Scandinavian acid-resistant stain-less steel AISI304 + ABS

Manufacturer: Vogi Europe

Guarantee: 25 years

The Vogi DUO standard linear shower drain is recommended for installation in home bathrooms and public facilities. Thanks to the classic and practical design, and to the use of the smallest profile siphon on the market with the DN50 ABS casing, installation in any location of the floor is possible. The drains are available in six standard lengths to which we offer a large selection of grate models. Upon request, it is possible to produce the drain to any desired length. The highest quality Scandinavian stainless steel used in production of the Vogi linear shower drains is resistant to corrosion and other aggressive chemical agents found in cleaning products. The Vogi linear shower drain is a guarantee of the highest European quality.

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